• Greenhouses:
    Leaders in greenhouse constructions and implementation in Kuwait with the latest technology and know how to deal with the harsh climate and increase growth with lower cost.
  • Seeds
    Vegetable and flowers
    All our seeds are tested in Kuwait before sale to verify they are suitable for out environment.
  • Fertilizer: Water and soluble
    Bringing the highest quality of fertilizer for Kuwait soil that benefits the land and farmer from market leaders in the world.
  • Farming equipment and machinery
    Walking tractors
  • Cooling
    Cooling pads from 10cm to 20cm.
  • Fans

  • Irrigation: Piping and fertigation
    Using non recycled piping and automated system to provide long life.
    Fertilizer mixers
    Control system
  • Seedlings:
    The only agriculture provider with its own nurseries in Kuwait providing young and bedding plants for the farmers. Reducing cost and improving yield.
  • Fans and heaters:
    Climate control for the greenhouse with fans specced for Kuwait electricity and requirements.
    Heating system via electric, oil or infrared.
  • Sprayer and Foggers
    From handheld to industrial sprayers. For fertilizers, chemical and disinfection.
  • Substrates
    Either standard mix of potting soil / peat moss or even specialized mix for you needs. We are able to provide the best growing matter for your plants.
  • Soil and water analysis
    Providing knowledge on decencies in soil and water.